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A fire loss is not just the physical destruction of combustible materials, but there are those unseen damages that are the side effects of this type of damage. Let’s say for instance you did not have a physical fire in your home, but instead you put a Turkey or some other meat on the slow burner and went out for a while. For some reason you forgot to turn it off, or did not make it back, or some malfunction happened and the meat was burned to a pile of disfigured black coal looking clump, but without actually catching anything on fire. It is unknown if these types of fires actually catch on fire as there are usually no witness’ to the event. You do not see anything, but there is this foul odor in the air. You air out your house, and even spray deodorizers for weeks, and that burnt odor just won’t go away.

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Let’s take a look at this type of loss, first the slow carbonization of most any meat on the stovetop or in an oven, is called a “Protein Fire”. They usually reduce the meat into ashes or charred bone, and occasionally destroy the pot or pan it was being cooked in. The protein particles are released into the air and attach to most any surface, this residue is unseen in most cases, and is sometimes oily to the touch. It will invade cracks in walls, attach itself in carpeting, furniture, and most any porous surface, not to mention in most cases it will venture into the return vent of the HVAC system. When it gets into the ventilation system, it spreads throughout the entire structure, and as you can see where this is going, it can infect the entire structure with this foul odor.

Cleaning such problems involve special training and equipment, as time will not remove the odor in all cases. Because it involves an oily substance that attaches to almost all surfaces, dirt can be attracted to it, and compound the problem. It is important that the damage is cleaned properly and promptly, by cleaning all effected surfaces and having the HVAC system professionally cleaned. Taking a look at the science of fire, how a fire actually starts, burns, and at the microscopic level, will help us understand the fundamental information necessary to better understand the fire restoration process.